Sundays will provide the opportunity to serve in our Sunday service at one of our multi-site campuses. You will get to see the ins and outs of what it really takes to run a Sunday service. You will get to try your hands in different ministries from areas of your natural gifting to new experiences where you may find your hidden talent and passion.


Monday evenings are part of a church wide class called Legacy Explore. You will be given Bible teaching from incredible lecturers and a chance to delve deeper into the Word of God all while learning and working alongside members of Legacy Church. 


Tuesdays & Wednesdays are our full-on day. This is a mixture of lecturers, ministry, study time and serving the church and community. On Tuesdays, we start the day together with the rest of the staff of Legacy in Staff Training. This meeting is a time where we receive teaching, training or spend time in prayer. It’s a great time to connect and catch up with each other and we value this time immensely.


Thursday is a full day of ministry. Each week may not look the same but will challenge and stretch you to discover who you are as a leader in different ministries of the church.


Fridays & Saturdays are days off but Friday evenings may require you to serve at Legacy Youth.

Being part of Legacy Academy requires you to be very flexible. There are free days but we may require students to be available for serving at events, mission trips and outreaches. International students may choose to find a part-time job on these days but Legacy Academy does take priority.



We also offer a part-time programme as well for those who may need a bit more flexibility. Students will be required to attend Monday night classes, all day Tuesday & Wednesday, and be involved in Sunday morning ministries.

See Finances for programme costs.